Amateur Radio

Grace and I were both licensed in the mid-50’s. I held Novice call WN1ING (banner photo above) in 1956 while stationed in Massachusetts and received K5KDN after passing my Conditional license exam while stationed in Asmara, Eritrea later that year. Grace’s call, K5YTT, is the call she was issued when we were married in 1959 and she officially changed her residence from Iowa to Texas. Her original call was K0MET.

Our station call in Asmara was ET2US which was considered to be rare DX at the time. We made the transition from AM to SSB, with a Central Electronics 20A kit, and really created a stir on the upper end of 20 meters. That was when the American phone band ended at 14300 and we would hang out at about 14303. The pile-ups were tremendous!

When I left the Army in 1958 I went to work as a buyer in the Purchasing Department of Busacker Electronics in Houston. When a position became available, I moved into the amateur radio department where I sold ham equipment for the next six years. During this same period Grace was a charter member of GAYLARK (Gulf Area Young Ladies Amateur Radio Klub) and a professional musician with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Read more ...