Bob's Projects

The leaf diverters were fabricated from standard PVC pipe and fittings available at most hardware stores.  The mosquito filters (shown in the photo on the right) were purchased on eBay.  They are stainless steel, 4 1/8” in diameter, and fit perfectly inside 4” PVC pipe fittings.  I don’t know the exact mesh size but they measure approximately 18 holes per linear inch.


The top (beveled) section of the diverter is 6” PVC with 1/4” hardware cloth across the opening.  A mosquito screen is mounted in the 6” X 4” reducer below.  The 2” PVC pipe coming in below the 4” section is a vacuum breaker.  During a really heavy rain,  my initial design had a tendency to vacuum lock when the rain water could not flow through the mosquito screens fast enough.  There is also a mosquito screen in the vacuum breaker.


The leaf diverters do require maintenance.  I take them apart and clean the screens about every three months, depending on the season.  Since there is almost no pressure on this system, none of the leaf diverter joints are glued, they are friction-fit.